Specialists in the production of professional detergents

Medusa is specialized in the formulation and manufacturing of sanitary cleaning products for domestic and industrial environments. The wide range of formulations and packaging allows us to meet every specific request. Medusa works with high quality in mind, constantly monitors all raw materials, and researches and creates formulas that fully respect nature.

Medusa Detergents:

Our laboratories study and develop detergents, degreasants, descalers, sanitizers and niche products, all for the professional cleaning industry.

Specific for each field:

Each activity has its peculiarities. This is why Medusa has developed a product catalog, divided in product lines. There are specific products for the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, industries, and a line of "Minimum Environmental Criteria" products, that comply with Ministry Regulations.

Products and Catalog:

You may consult our online catalog, where you will find technical sheets, safety data sheets, and product descriptions and images, or download the PDF version:

"Together, responsibly"

Our mission is to provide safety and protection to families and industries by researching and developing professional and safe detergents and through the development and innovation of formulations proposed respecting people and animals, and using environment-friendly solutions.